C Training Program

C Training Program

Unicode Technology offers Best C Training. We believe knowledge of computer programming in C is one of the most fundamental skills for today's students. You should learn C first, then pick up a language that is best suited for your need easily. Some other higher-level languages may sound easier to learn but you will be limited with less versatile in the long run if you don't know C is the mother of all programing languages.

In C you learn about the basic of programing as well as developing logic. The advantage to knowing C is that you have a very good idea of how a computer works. Not just how your programming model works, but how memory's laid out, and such like.

  • Customized C Training courses.
  • Training under industry experts.
  • Training through both theoretical as well as practical methodologies.
  • Guarantee of 100% placement at the end of training.
  • Project training in C Training on real-time projects.
  • Training for fresher’s as well as experienced professionals
  • Best infrastructural support with fully-facilitated computer labs, spacious classrooms with best seating facility and reliable internet facility available within the institute for the students.
Course Content

Introduction (Part-1)

  • Introduction to C
  • The Structure of a C program
  • Some basic C commands

Introduction (Part-2)

  • for loop
  • Symbolic Constants
  • Character input and output
  • Logical AND and OR, Arrays and Functions
  • Call by Reference and Call by Value

Types, Operators and Expressions

  • Variables and constants
  • Data Types
  • Operators
  • Expressions

Control Flow

  • Examples of Expressions
  • if, if else
  • while
  • for
  • Endless Loops
  • do while
  • break and continue
  • switch
  • else if

Functions and Program Structure

  • Multi-file programs
  • Scoping
  • Recursion
  • The C Pre-processor

Pointers and Arrays

  • Pointers and addresses
  • Organization of Memory
  • Pointers and Arrays
  • Managing and manipulating memory
  • Passing parameters to C programs
  • Pointers to functions

Data Structures

  • Basics, Passing and returning structures
  • Pointers and structures
  • Arrays of Structure

Memory Management

  • Managing Memory in C
  • Manipulating Files
  • BE | B.Tech | BCA | B.Sc(IT) | MCA | M.Sc (IT) | M.Tech | ME and all IT Diploma Students.
  • IT Professionals
  • We are expertise in this industry & have worked on more than 1000 projects.
  • Our major focus is on clearing your concepts 100%.
  • Day to Day Assignments to our students with doubt clearing session.
  • We provide our students Backup and recover classes.
  • 24×7 Live Time Support
  • Highly Qualified as well as Certified Trainers.
  • Flexible timings i.e., choose your timings according to your comfort without changing your schedule.
  • One-to-One Training to provide you best understanding of technology.
  • Group Training to learn in low cost.
  • Latest Updated Curriculum in All Technologies.
Fee Details
  • Course Duration : 1 Month
  • Fee Structure :2,500 INR
  • Mode of Training : Classroom