What We Do



The Unicode Technology program empowers individuals for a rewarding career in the IT sector by making them well prepared for seeking jobs. The industry oriented program enhances flexibility and is a perfect blend of varied skills that include grooming and ensures a career opportunity that leads to multiple exit profiles in diverse field of IT.


In Unicode Technology IT Consulting, we assist IT organizations to grow their vision beyond boundaries or geographical limits . We are well acquainted with the fact that business today is growing faster than at any time in history and tomorrow so there are going to be in numerous challenges which cannot be vividly imagined today. But in order to survive we must imagine beforehand and anticipate it thereafter. So accordingly we will assist and guide you in solving your business challenges today and help you in all possible ways to avoid certain risks that you may encounter in the future so as to give you the much desired competitive edge.



Unicode Technology staffing division is entrusted with the task of being the manpower resource center for IT companies. We excel in fulfilling workforce requirements for permanent staffing and contract hiring for all categories of IT companies in India and across the globe. The manpower services provided to our clients involves all staffing assistance of the companies for its offices in India and abroad. Our intellectual resource center is accountable for providing quality IT manpower solutions and consulting services.

  • We profoundly believe in measuring our standards so as to meet the diverse requirements of individuals and corporate
  • Efficiently trained research and development team which keeps track of future challenges to be faced and provides a unique direction as well